Our Large Families

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Several of our classmates are members of large families. Three families, the Ritcheys, the Rerichas and the McLoughlins, had a total of 35 children.


The Ritcheys - 13 children


                                                     (circa 1961)

                                                     Front Row Left to Right: Francis, Marilyn, Mother Emma, Father Leonard, Emma, Twins Patrick & Paul
                                           Back Row Left to Right: John, Thomas, Joseph, Donald, Leonard, Mary, Elizabeth & Rose



The Rerichas - 10 Children

(Circa 1968) 

                                          L to R: Michael, Joanne, Dennis, David, John, Dad, Gene, Mother, Jim, Edith, MaryAnn and Christopher    


The McLoughlins - 12 children

                                           (circa 1947)              

                                     Eight McLouglins and growing: (L to R) Ambrose, Marie, Dennis, Kathleen, Martha Sue, 
                                     Patrick, Jane and Charles. (Did they all fit in the car?)


                      (circa 1987)

                     The gang's all here. Sitting L to R: Kathleen, Marty, Jane, Mother McLoughlin, Marie and Jenny. Standing L to R: Bernard,
                     Charles, Pat, Dennis, Alan, Amborse and Paul.